Friday, 19 June 2015

Reading Week 9 Term 2

Hi guys,
For reading, we have a new way of laying out our pages, and a new way to do our work. Here is how the layout goes, Top left is your prediction about what the story is going to be about, next to that is the vocab sheet where we record strange words in the text and then give a definition, across the top of the right page, is where we do our must do activities which is a comprehension task and also a grammar task, below that is where we have our summary sheet where we summarise the story, and on the bottom of the left page is the space where our work with the teacher goes.
 Here is what we have been doing. The story was called Spaceships And Aliens. My prediction was based on the title and the cover picture. My prediction was that the boy will be walking around when he sees an alien spaceship hover over his house and then he will see aliens drop out of the spaceship. My prediction was not true about what actually happened in the story though. The strange vocab that I recorded was spaceship, alien, outer space, universe and sketch. My summary is too long to describe so here is a picture of it.

Here is a picture of my must do activities:

Here is a picture of my prediction:

Here is a prediction of my vocab sheet:


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