Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Reading Update

Hi Guys,
Here is an update on what I have been doing in reading for this week. As Student Led Conferences are coming up at my school, we have to choose a piece of work in our reading book that portrays what our learning goal has been for this term. I chose my activities on a School Journal story called Bok Choi. My WALT has been to be able to learn about a character's personality by inferring through the text. My prediction on what the story was going to be about was that the story was going to be about a homeless Chinese man who sells his Bok Choi and gets bullied out of abuse because of his nationality. I thought this because on the cover it shows a Chinese man receiving money from a generous woman, but another woman looks in disgust. I knew that he was selling Bok Choi because the title is called 'Bok Choi' and the man receiving the money was Chinese. My prediction was nearly 100% correct but I would say my prediction was about 89% correct.

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