Friday, 17 May 2013

Lotus Diagram

Hi Guys,
At the start of the year,we had to do a Lotus Diagram on ourselves.It should be shown somewhere on this post.
Azzy :-)


Hi Guys
The topic we are doing this term (term three) is on animals and plants.Today we had a test on our knowledge on animals.

Azriel :-)

ANZAC poem

Hi guys this is my ANZAC poem.Here it is:

Amazing heroism
Now and then remembered,
Zap the bullets passed by
Australians and New Zealanders with amazing,

I hope you enjoyed my poem
Azriel :-)

ANZAC Letters

Hi guys,for our topic last term we focused on the ANZACS.We had to pretend we were soldiers of the war,we had to write a letter to a loved one or family.Here is my letter I hope you enjoy. :-)

Dear Family and Friends,
I am a soldier for the ANZACS.I am one of the few who has survived these past few days.The first day we arrived at Gallipoli,bullets rained down on us.Since our packs were so heavy,some of us slipped and fell on the wet ground.The Turks are amazing marksmen.To test them we put one of our hats/or helmets on a stick and you wouldn't,believe it they shot right through the middle of it.For food we get sent packages,with hard tack and meat.The hard tack is so hard that soldiers have broken their teeth on them.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Translation of Whakataka Te Hau

Hi guys,me and other have been singing this song at Kapa haka . It is called Whakataka Te Hau.Just like He Honore I searched the translation of this song.Here it is,
Whakataka te hau ki te uru,
Whakataka te hau ki te tonga.

Kia mākinakina ki uta,
Kia mātaratara ki tai.

E hī ake ana te atākura he tio,
he huka, he hauhunga.

Haumi e! Hui e! Tāiki e
Get ready for the westerly
and be prepared for the southerly.

It will be icy cold inland,
and icy cold on the shore.

May the dawn rise red-tipped on ice,
on snow, on frost.

Join! Gather! Intertwine!

I hope you enjoy
Azzy :p

Translation of He Honore

Hi guys, last night I searched for the translation of  He Honore. Since we have been singing this song at school I searched the translation on wiki answers. Here it is,

                            All honor and glory to God 
Let there be peace on earth and tranquility 
Goodwill to all people 
forever and ever, Amen. 
God is my want, my need, my life."             
Here is the link:
Hope you enjoy
Azzy :p