Friday, 25 October 2013

My 100 wc Night zoo

Hi guys,
In class we are entering our writing into the 100 word challenge website.Here is the link to the website: .When you get onto the page you enter into the website you need to scroll down straight away because the top of the site doesn't load for quite some time.Here's the catch though. If you want to enter your writing,it has to be exactly 100 words.No more or less.Here is my writing for this week.

Boom, crash, bang, the lightning smashed into the abandoned enclosure.Suddenly a minotaur appeared out of the lightning.The minotaur had only one eye.He was bleeding from the cut in his chest.His horns looked devilish.His name was Mike the minotaur.His eyes, red with rage,made shivers go down my spine like an earthquake.He charged towards me, each step making a booming sound.Each step making a noise that even an elephant couldn't achieve.I was paralyzed with fear.Fear held me captive.The trees urged me to move by flapping in the wind.Death appeared.

I hope you liked my story.