Friday, 4 July 2014

Business and Consumer Explanation

Hi guys,
For the last 2 weeks I have been working on an explanation on when consumers or business's don't meet their expectations. Here it is.

So you want to learn about business's and consumers? This explanation will have all the information you need to know about what happens when business's or consumers don't meet their expectations.
Business's and manufacturers can both lose customers and trust by making even just a little mistake. Here are some possible ways how this could happen.
- A business may sell a product without performing proper tests.
- A manufacturer may sell their product to a shop without realizing one or more of the product is faulty, therefore gaining a bad name without knowing.
- A customer may buy a product and take it back to the shop, but the shop refuses to redress the problem and then customers would lose trust in the shop because they would be breaking the consumer guarantees act.
-A consumer may bad mouth a business about a faulty product, yet they hadn't tryed to redress the problem. -A shop may sell faulty products, sold to them by a manufacturer and the shop would get a bad name and lose customers trust even though it was the manufacturers fault.
These are all valid ways a business or manufacturer may lose customers and trust.
Business's, manufacturers and customers can lose trust in each other by selling, buying or making faulty goods. Let me start off with explaining how a customer would lose trust in a manufacturer or seller. Imagine you went to a car dealer to buy a car. The advertisement didn't say 'as is where is' or that if anything went wrong you have to repair it yourself. You decided to buy the car for $15,000 with cash up front. You drive down the road and the brakes stop working. You go back to the seller and demand that he repairs the car's brakes or give you your money back. The seller refuses to do anything. You say to him that the advertisement didn't state 'as is where is' or anything that says that you have to take responsibility if something went wrong down the road. He still refuses to do anything. You go home and ring your insurance company about the situation and they say that they can help. The insurance company gives the seller 10 days to give you a refund or fix the car. The seller coughs up with the money and you go  searching for another car. I don't know about you but I would definitely lose trust in car dealers and sellers on online sites and cars for sale parked on the side of the road. In situations like this customers lose trust in business's and manufacturers.
The most unfortunate of the three has to be the customer because they lose time, confidence, trust  and money. Here are some possible ways manufacturers and business's can do to keep customers happy.

-Business's can make more guarantees on refunds and repairing faulty products.
-Manufacturers can double check products before selling them to shops and business's.
-Business's can ask more questions about products to the manufacturer.
-Business's and manufacturers can make sure that workers understand the consumer rights act and make sue they know their expectations.
Thank you for reading this explanation on business's and consumers.In this explanation you learnt how...
-How customers lose trust in business's and manufacturers.
-How business's and manufacturers can keep customers happy.
-The mistakes a business can make.
Thank you for your time and have a good day.

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