Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Stories of the Sea

WALT: use our senses, touch,sound and what you smell will put our reader into that scene,that we are trying to set.
So What?  I put my physical senses into a scene of the beach since at the beach you can smell, hear and touch so it will spark a nice memory that the reader has had.
Now What?Try and put more detail into my senses writing.
Adventurous Surfers v Monstrous Waves
I study the waves wrestling, as they try to knock the masculine surfers off their boards.  Aaaaaaaah….., a surfer shrieks for help, as he gets knocked off his board into the monstrous waves. I listen to the wave’s crest, smashing against the sand as if there is a fierce battle with the sea versus the sand. I inhale the sea foam, clothing the entire beach with a fresh smell.
By Azriel

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